Crysis 3

Crysis 3 was in development from 2011 until 2013. I worked on early prototyping and visuals as well as in support of marketing as a technical artist towards the end of production.

During the production of Crysis 3 I filled in a number of roles. During pre-production and early production I supported mostly look-dev and technical setups in the Creative Services team:

  • Moving concept art:
    • Reproject concept art onto geometry and block out simple story moments or
    • Modify existing environments to match first over-growth concepts
      • This was mostly used to re-define art direction and for internal pitch material
  • Cinematic effects:
    • Creating shader and look development for Nanosuit related effects in the game
      • Prophet turning invisible without the Nanosuit in the final cinematic
      • Flashback reprojections in the hive mind
      • Nanosuit freezing and breaking apart in space


Towards the end of production, I supported marketing content production and worked as hub between internal Creative Services, Metricminds and Goldtooth Creative (as well as the creative agency and the publisher) on the realization of all marketing trailers (including “The seven wonders” and “Sharp dressed man” commercial series). My role was to support the production from a technical point of view, making sure that the pipeline to and from vendor worked as smooth as possible. Between rendering and diving into technical issues, a large part was coordination and troubleshooting the actual production and facilitating the delivery of assets on time.

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